“Andreza Chagas”, a Denim brand, has joined the textile industry with a modern vision for the Brazilian fashion world. The Brazilian born designer was brought up in a family that is already well known for their success in the textile industry. Later, she went on to apply all of her innovative ideas to the world’s most popular fashion choices: “The Denim”. In the relentless pursuit of comfort in the jeans-wear universe, the designer has unified the pursuit of fabric technology, sustainability and the unique look that made her trademark: “jeans-lined snap buttons”, translation of a versatile and timeless piece.
With a unique strategy created by F hits The Content House, Andreza Chagas was able to establish itself in the Brazilian market through means of immersing themselves into the influencers’ market. Andreza Chagas now distributes to the most important multi-brands in Brazil in addition to being present in the most exclusive stores in the United States and Europe. Considered to be a horizontal, inclusive and collaborative brand, Andreza Chagas’ main focus is to produce premium denim with a contemporary look, whilst spreading awareness of the importance of sustainability. Seen as environmentally friendly, the brand’s manufacturing process uses only half of the water in relation to other traditional manufacturing processes.
Moreover, the form in which the fabric is treated reduces chemicals, thereby aiming to focus on what is better for the environment. Even though perceived as simple, there was much thought put into the choice of fabric, given its special fiber technologies that provide comfort, well-being, flexibility and perfect styling. In addition, Andreza Chagas also plays an important role in helping locals, generating jobs for local women and giving them the opportunity to work in main areas like embroidery. In turn, it sends a message to women: they have the capability and ability to become empowered and independent.